Open-rank Tenured/Tenure-track Faculty Position

DATE : 2018.09.20 ~ 2018.10.10


Department Area Required Qualification
Department of Education Educational Psychology *Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology.
*Publications in SSCI or internationally well recognized academic journals.
Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management Hospitality Management *Earned Doctorate in Hospitality and Tourism Management.(Candidates who are ABD may be considered but must earn a Doctorate prior to the contract start date.)
*Must have at least two research publications in SSCI journals as a lead author during last 2 years.
*Must have full-time teaching experience in English.
Tourism Economics
Department of Physics and Astronomy Observational astronomy(Stellar or galactic astronomy) *Ph.D. in astronomy or closely related fields.
Department of Food Science and Biotechnology Biomaterial Science(Food Packaging) *Ph.D. in a related field.
*BS degree in food science or a closely related field is preferred.
*At least 2 publications as the first or corresponding author in SCI(E) Journals during last 3 years.
Department of Integrative Bioscience and Biotechnology Biotechnology(Microbial Engineering, Enzyme Engineering, etc. Giving preference to the biotechnology field in the 4th industrial revolution) *Ph.D. degree required.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering All areas in the Computer Science and Engineering or in a related field. *Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or in a related field.
Department of Computer and Information Security AI Security, Blockchain Security, Information security field. *Ph.D. degree required.
Department of Software All areas of Computer Engineering & Computer Science. *Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering & Computer Science.
Department of Data Science All areas related to Data Science *Ph.D. degree in Data Science, Computer Science or related fields.
Intelligent Mechatronic Engineering (Unmanned Vehicle Engineering) Mechanical Engineering *Doctoral degree holders or prospective doctoral candidates.(Candidates who are ABD may be considered but must earn a Doctorate prior to the contract start date.)
*Publication or acceptance of more than 3 Journal papers within last 5 years.
Unmanned Vehicles(Cars, Drones etc)
Intelligent Mechatronic Engineering (Smart Device Engineering) Computer engineering(artificial Intelligence, VR, embedded system, bioinformatics) *Doctoral degree holders or prospective doctoral candidates.(Candidates who are ABD may be considered but must earn a Doctorate prior to the contract start date.)
*Publication or acceptance of more than 3 Journal papers within last 5 years.
Department of Architectural Engineering Smart Technology in Architecture *Ph.D. degree required.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Structural Engineering except Concrete Materials, Steel Structure, Health Monitoring, and BIM *Doctoral degree holders in relevant fields.
Department of Environment, Energy and Geoinformatics Atmospheric Environment/Air Quality *Ph.D. degree required.
Department of Mechanical Engineering Machine design, Manufacturing, Control, Robotics, Mechatronics *Ph.D. degree required.
*Applicant should have an ability to give a lecture on Manufacturing Processes.
System of icebreaker ship
Department of Aerospace Engineering Solid Propellent Rocket *Ph.D. or those with equivalent degrees.
Aerospace Smart Structure
Department of Nano Technology and Advanced Materials Engineering All fields in Nano technology and Advanced Material *Ph.D. degree required.
Department of Defense System Engineering Radar signal processing or EW(Electronic Warfare) *Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or related fields.
*Applicants with research experience in defense industry/institute will be given preference.
*Korean citizenship required.
Department of Integrated Bioindustry, Graduate School Fish breeding *Ph.D. degree required.
Insect breeding


- Applicants must not have any grounds for disqualification for faculty position in accordance with the related laws.
- Ability to deliver lectures in English

Application Submission Period

Sep 20, 2018 - Oct 10, 2018 5 p.m (Korean Standard Time)

Employment Start Date

Spring semester of 2019 (beginning March 1, 2019)

How to Apply

Download the files below and fill them out.(please do not use a yahoo-email or hotmail, since they don't work properly to our email.)

Please send them to

Faculty Employment Application(tenure track) word Research Publications(tenure track) word
Research Proposal(tenure track) word Personal Statement(tenure track) word

Application Materials

  • 1) One photograph (3cm*4cm)
  • 2) A copy for each degree. (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree)
  • 3) Transcripts (Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree)
  • 4) Proof of employment certificate
    (If the applicant is employed, the contents on the application form must correspond to the employment certificate submitted.)
  • 5) Most recent thesis, Selected Papers and research materials since Sep 2013.
  • 6) Documentary evidence relating to Impact Factor, Citation Index, Research Fund and Patent Record. (Screen capture with URL is acceptable.)
    • - Applicants can visit or send by mail the aforementioned documents to the Office of Faculty Affairs between Sep 20, 2018 and Oct 10, 2018. (KST)
    • - We recommend you to send us scanned files listed above first before you send them through the air mail in order to avoid late delivery.
      * e-mail :
    • - Address
      Office of Faculty Affairs, Sejong University, 209,Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 05006, Republic of Korea

Candidate Review Proccess

Successful candidates will be contacted at each stage of the review process via e-mail.
Applications submitted without all the required documents shall be rejected. The candidate may submit documents in either English or Korean.

STEP 1Review of Application Documents

Candidates may apply to only one field. Candidates complete the application, research publications list, research plan, and self-introduction form.

STEP 2In-depth Evaluation

The review board requires a copy of the candidate’s original diploma and one sealed transcript for each academic degree awarded, including but not limited to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

In addition, the review board requires proof of current employment, which must correspond to the candidate’s application form, as well as the candidate’s most recent research thesis and materials, covering five years since Sep 2013.

STEP 3Candidate Presentation and Departmental Evaluation

The review board evaluates the candidate’s lecturing capabilities and potential for future research.

STEP 4Candidate Interview

STEP 5Selection of Successful Candidates

The review board selects candidates based on scores received in steps 1-4.

Scoring criteria and procedures may vary according to department.

Important Notes

- Only those who passed STEP 2(In-depth evaluation) are required to have two letters of recommendation submitted to the department chair via e-mail.

- Any of the submitted materials’ inauthenticity will result in the immediate disqualification of the applicant.

- Appointment can be nullified even after employment has commenced if applicants have willingly falsified application documents and/or have not fulfilled the appointment requirements.

- Certificates from non-English-speaking institutions must be submitted with English/Korean translations of the original text. Translated papers should include names and signatures of the translators.

- Flipped Learning lecture is compulsory for at least one class per semester.

- Positions will not be filled if there are no successful candidates.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs

Tel : 82-2-3408-4192~3 FAX : 82-2-3408-3701 E-mail :
Address : Office of Faculty Affairs, Sejong University, 209,Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 05006, Republic of Korea
The recruitment process will be notified by email.

Department Chair E-mail

For more information about the Major or lectures, please contact the chair of department email which is attached below.

☞Department Chair e-mail(download)

The Korean advertisement of the recruitment